What is the "DAF File Access Controller?"


The main purpose of this new feature is to make possible granting or denying access to files and directories without using NT permission and without having NT specific rights.

The DAF File Access Controller adds two notions to previous DAF release:

How is the group information for a web user defined?

- web password: pass
- NT user mapped: john
- NT password mapped: goodboy
- belongs to DAF groups: "grp1,""grp2" and "grp3"
- account expiration date: 1998-10-20




How are defined permissions used by the DAF File Access Controller?

Rights for a directory are set through a simple text file (DAFAUTH.INI) copied in each directory to protection.

For example, lets say we have a directory "wwwroot/daily" including four files: INFO.HTM, NEWS.HTM, FREE.HTM and the permission file DAFAUTH.INI.

------------- begin file DAFAUTH.INI -----------------




------------- end file DAFAUTH.INI -----------------

With this configuration:

Important remarks: